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 vanoverdijk family tree.
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 Susie christina
nee van Overdijk
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The above photo's came from Raymond and Ted's collection and have yet to be identified. The two ladies posing might be Sarah Jane van Overdijk and or Susan Hannah Bailey.

note.....The Dutch alphabet does not contain the letter y, hence the use of ij instead!!

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          There is no doubt that these two are                       Sarah Jane van Overdijk and William [ Bill ] Streat.

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Frank Allsop and family during WWII.

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Raymond, Doreen and Teddy.
Joan and Franks Allsops wedding in 1940

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Ann,Nan,Joan and Susie.

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Sarah Jane van Overdijk and mother Susan Hannah Bailey

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Ted Senior during WWII.

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             Ann and Ted

Aunt Ann's wedding day with Ted on the right.
Young Ted after taking Holy Communion

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David and Marie van overdijk.

Uknown might be Ted senior.
Ted Charman junior.

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young sarah.

Aunt Dolly and Uncle Peter van Overdijk
Ann and Ted

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Uncle Peters wife Dolly with son David.

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David and Maria van Overdijk's wedding day, they moved to Australia shortly after and had four children.

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Only photo with all the van Overdijk's together.

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Ann Charman  [nee van Overdijk ]  with son Ted.

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left....Frank  and Joan Allsop  with Nan centre and Rosy and Raymond on the right.

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Aunt Joan with Nan and her favourite  beverage.

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Aunt Ann with PeterT.
Young Ted with unknown friend
Susie with Syd

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Ann with son Ted.

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Ted Charman's [ senior ]  days in the Army before WWII.

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Margaret Townsend with Ted Charman.
Young Ted

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Rosy and Raymond on their wedding day.

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When Ted Charman senior married Ann van Overdijk, he bought all of the items listed for their new home for 56 pounds about $75 .

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Could this be the Mr Marsh.....????   We need to know a little more about that man, because  I believe she was known as Mrs Marsh for many years/

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John Townsend with ??  and Ted Charman.

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