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The McGuinness/Bailey
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                    This Page is dedicated to
Susie Christina Townsend nee van Overdijk

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Sarah Ann Bailey was born on the 29th November in 1884. Her address was given as 8 Wesley street in St Marylebone. Her fathers name was Thomas George Bailey and her mother was Susan Hannah Bailey [nee McGuiness].

She married Petrus Henricus van Overdijk on Dec 25th 1904 in St Marys church Paddington when she was tweny years old. The marriage only lasted a few years as described on page one, Petrus kept the three children Peter, Susie and Ann. I understand she was not allowed to see the children at all.

She then disappeared for many years and I first saw her in about 1937 the year Petrus died, when she and her new daughter Joan came to stay with our family at Christmas. Up until that time we the three children of Thomas and Susie Townsend had never seen our grandmother, or knew she had another daughter.

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came home,

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