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  The McGuinness/Bailey Connection

This is a work in progress, and the following information shows most of the genealogy data I have been able to uncover over the last few months.
I hope to be able to put together a Bailey/McGuinness family tree in the near future.

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Image of bailey tree.jpg show a completely different picture of Nan's brother George, as shown below. I remember him as a likable rascal but never had any idea he fathered eight children. However, I have  not been able to verify this data,  but it does appear in more than one family tree.

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I am assuming that William Bailey age one is the son of Geoge Bailey the rascal. ??

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  The McGuinness/Bailey Connection

Birth Certificate of Sarah Jane Bailey in1885 ,Mother Susan Hannah [nee McGuinness]

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This Certificate provided by Gillian Hulme.

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Above 1891 census showing the Bailey family with children Annie, Sarah and George. the other son Alexander  Frank was not born until 1895.

Below.... This is the critical Census record that I missed several times because the Census Taker could not spell. Fortunately at some time the record was changed from Margmunigs to McGuinness.

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Below....Copy of Alexander Frank Bailey's  1894 birth record.

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Below......This census record was taken  in 1841, which was the first year that an official census was taken, for the whole of the UK.

John McGinness was shown as about 15 when he was probably 16 or 17, the early census records were rounded off to either 5 or a 0.

John's father was not at home when the census was taken; or he was deceased. At this time we do not know his christian name. I am guessing it was John..

However, Elizabeth McGuinness was born in 1801 or there about, which takes our family tree back over 200 rears.

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Some time in the Mid 1880's the family moved to Pimlico in London...... Many of our ancesters on my mother and fathers side of the family  lived in and around that area.

Records not shown indicate that Elizabeth McGuinness  came from Paignton and Johns father from Newton Abbot in Devon.

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Joan Streat

Our Aunt Joan did not appear in our lives until Peter Henry van Overdyk died in 1937. I  was seven years old and had no idea that we had a grandmother on my mothers side. Aunt Joan was a teenager at that time and had the same mother, but a different father to Peter Henry. Our new Gran and her daughter Joan appeared at Christmas in 1937. and  all of a sudden we had another source of toys!!
The thing I remember most about Aunt Joan was that she was a real movie fan and talked about the latest movie craze ' Gone with the wind'  which was running in London at that
time. There were many others times when Aunt Joan came into  our lives, she was always very kind to us kids.
In particular when my Mum , Dad, sister Margaret and I spent a few weeks living with Nan and Aunt Joan  in Adelaide street, Croydon, during heavy bombing in 1940/41. We all slept together under a large table because we had no air raid shelter at that time. At the end of the street was a huge Gas Storage Tank, which would have blown us to bits if it were to get a direct hit. Nans mother Susan Hannah who was in her 90's at  the time , would sit by the fireplace taking Snuff, and drinking Guinness. Every time  a bomb exploded nearbye she would say ' Shit ' and take another drink.

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Record of Aunt Joans marriage to Frank Allsop is shown below.

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We always knew our Aunt as Joan Streat, but never heard  of or saw her father.
The birth certificate does not identify her father, but my understanding was the he was known as 'Bill Streat'

There is a record of a William Frank Streat  who was about same age, and lived in the same area as Nan and is the likely candidate. His trade was given as a Milk Carrier
, Not sure if there is any further interest in Bill, will leave that up to close relatives.

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